Personal & Organizational Growth


Culture & Team Building

  • Mission Statement
  • Core Values
  • Pillars of service
  • Attitudes, habits, and behaviors.
  • Getting the team to go all in


Getting the leadership all on the same page is paramount if you want to succeed.   Culture starts at the top and flows down hill.  CJA will help cultivate a unified vision and attitude with your key team members.



  • Team Building
  • Creative 

Team or Indiviual Mentorship

  • one on one personal development with new professionals, mangers, and/or entrepreneurs
  • Creating the right mindset
  • Establish goals, action plans, milestones, and metrics
  • Accountability 

Business Development


Kitchen/Dining Room/Bar Area Design and Layout

  • Equipment and vendor selection
  • Value engineering
  • Space maximization


SOPs, top-line revenue growth, vendor relationships, inventory controls,  training,  and more.

Talent Placement and Acquisition

  • Staffing
  • Interviewing
  • Benchmarking
  • Training
  • Compensation/Benefit Negotiations

Menu/Product Development

  • Menu Creation
  • Market analysis
  • Recipe Creation
  • Portion Control
  • OrderGuides
  • Establishing par levels  and prep schdules

Marketing and Social

Including web designers,  SEO agents, graphic designers, and print companies.  

Business Resources

CJA has spent years building relationships professional resources like accountants, IP attorneys, contract attorneys, CPA's, book keepers, special insurance agents, PR firms, etc.  This network is simply added value when working  with CJA.

Consulting With Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares

Its Time to Get Started

I have learned that true service is when you create value for another person.   It would be my pleasure to add value to your life or business.