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How Can CJA Serve You?

Chef James Avery is a leader in the food & beverage business.  He  has nearly 2 decades of hospitality experience, and has opened or revamped over a dozen restaurants, serving as Executive Chef for many.   CJA is a full-service hospitality consultant that works with clients from high volume multi unit brands to independent casual mom and pop's.  Within his two decades of experience, James has developed systems and practices that will empower professionals and  brands to unlock their potential in hospitality through service based approach.

success in hospitality comes down to a service mindset


James is an established Chef and Restaurateur.  He is passionate about sharing his recipes in the kitchen, as well as, his recipe for  what it takes to "make it" today in the business of serving others.


A coach's job is to maximize the potential of their team members.  Whether you are a new  professional or a seasoned veteran, everyone can use a coach.  Sage advice or a fresh outlook can make the difference between getting what you want or remaining stuck.  


If you aren't running your business then nobody is! More than likely, your business is running you.  Without solid systems, metrics, communication, and policies it is simply impossible to succeed in hospitality-- or in any aspect of life.


Your team must have a clearly defined mission,  a vision, and an expectation of how to conduct themselves.  Your business can only perform as  strongly as your team and the culture your create for them.  (Hint: your culture is -SERVICE.)


A great brand is more than a logo or tag line, or the product behind the name.  A brand embodies the reputation of a business (or person).  It is a culmination of the values, attitudes, and behaviors of the brand itself.  A great brand knows who it is, what it is, and how it serves. 

Menu Design

Whether you are a fast casual or full service establishment, staying current on market trends and dietary needs is key.  But,  consistency and profitability are equally as important.   CJA can help create or revamp a menu to accomplish any set of goals.

In other's words

Ladislav Sebestyan- Owner, Pilsener Haus, Hoboken, NJ

"James is an energetic fearless leader, always challenging conventional practices in both commercial kitchens and the restaurant business as a whole."

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